Premier Thermal Capabilities by Plant

Premier Thermal provides comprehensive metal treatment solutions for your most
challenging products. We treat ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and serve as your
expert partner every step of the way.

Precision Air Quench

Distortion control and dimensional stability
Ability to process thinner walled aluminum castings and stampings
Improved mechanical properties; ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, and % elongation
Increased toughness and bendability





Hyperquench Solution Heat Treating

The HyperQuench process is conducted in an electric drop bottom furnace. Aluminum parts are loaded into the
HyperQuench racking system and lifted into the furnace hydraulically. Once the parts have soaked for their
prescribed time at temperature, the bottom of the furnace opens, and the parts are dropped into the quench
media (glycol, water, or air). This furnace has a fast quench drop rate, averaging seven seconds, which lends
itself to many aerospace specifications which have drop time requirements under 15 seconds.








Drop Bottom Furnace Solution Heat Treating

Drop bottom furnaces utilize a carriage to set heat treat containers on during the solution process. The carriage
is suspended by chains and is hoisted into the furnace hydraulically. Once in the furnace, the doors close
underneath the load, and the load remains in a static state until the completion of the solution cycle.

Continuous Furnace Solution Heat Treat

Continuous roller hearth furnaces are typically designed to process high volume products that require the same
process time and temperature. Parts are loaded in containers that are specifically designed for the furnace, and
in many cases the parts being processed. The heat treat containers travel through the furnace via a conveyor
which is PLC controlled. Continuous furnaces have multiple zones of control, which typically consist of
entry/heat-up zones, soak zones and an exit zone. The furnace controls are set at a specified cycle time and
solution temperature.