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Atmosphere Annealing Expands Process Offerings to Include Ferritic Nitrocarburizing


Atmosphere Annealing Expands Process Offerings to Include Ferritic Nitrocarburizing

Lansing, MI, May 2, 2018 – Atmosphere Annealing, a division of Premier Thermal Solutions, recently added Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) to its process offerings in Lansing, MI.  FNC is widely used in the markets Atmosphere Annealing supports today including agriculture, automotive, energy, heavy equipment, heavy truck, rail, & wire rope .

FNC, a low temperature process, is typically used on plain carbon steel components.  FNC is known for providing a high level of wear resistance, low distortion, improved fatigue properties, and greater corrosion resistance.  Depending on requirements, FNC is often used as an alternative to carburizing and carbonitriding.

FNC is often a better alternative to chrome plating.  This is not only due to greater corrosion resistance, but also as a “green” alternative.

“Our goal is to be the primary solution provider of thermal processes for our customers.  Offering FNC capabilities in Lansing brings us one step closer,” said Sara McMurray, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Steve Wyatt, President, added, “The FNC capacity that we have added will benefit customers with FNC requirements both large and small.  With our flexible equipment and team of experienced metallurgists, we are offering better economics to customers with high volume FNC requirements, while at the same time retaining the flexibility to offer competitively priced FNC to customers producing smaller batch sizes.”

About Premier Thermal Solutions:

Premier Thermal Solutions (Premier) is a leading provider of metal heat treating services.  Premier offers high quality products and services through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Atmosphere Annealing and NitroSteel, with plants located in Lansing, Michigan, Canton, Ohio, North Vernon, Indiana, and Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Atmosphere Annealing has substantial metallurgical expertise and provides heat treating processes including annealing, ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC), normalizing, and quench & temper for various industries, including automotive, light and heavy truck, agriculture, and energy sectors.

NitroSteel is the only domestic provider of nitro-carburized bars and tubes in the 13-24’ range.  NitroSteel’s process is a “green” alternative to chrome plating providing improved wear resistance, better lubrication retention, dent resistance, increased service life, and can last up to three times longer.

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Sara McMurray
Director of Sales & Marketing
Phone: 517-485-5090

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