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NitroSteel Products

In our Pleasant Prairie, WI facility, we specialize in ferritic nitrocarburizing.

  • Ferritic nitrocarburizing involves diffusion of nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferritic material at subcritical temperatures.
  • NitroSteel is the “green” alternative to chrome plating. This process leaves no hazardous by-product in our facility or our customers’ operations.
  • We can handle bars that are 12’ to 24’ in length. We can also process piece parts.
  • The end result produces product that have:
    –Superior corrosion resistance
    –Improved wear resistance
    –Better lubrication retention
    –Dent resistance without induction hardening
    –No surface pitting or flaking
    –Environmentally friendly
    –Increased service
  • In addition, we also offer rough and finish grinding along with bright polishing of bar stock.

NitroSteel® Products include:

Standard (1/2″-4″) 10V45 75k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC
Nitro-100® (1″-3″) 40V45 100k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC
Nitro-Gold™ 4140 Q&T 100k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC
Nitro-85 15V41 85k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC

Standard or N-100 can be furnished with the NitroBrite™ finishing process, providing lower minimum surface- smoothness standards. Lengths of all bars are generally 12 foot or 24 foot round bars. Special lengths quoted on request.

Quotes for other sizes and grades available on request, or we can process your material.