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Pleasant Prairie, WI

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NitroSteel® Products include:

Grade Yield Strength Surface Hardness
Standard (1/2″-4″) 10V45 75k min psi  <16 RA 64-71 HRC
Nitro-100® (1″-3″) 40V45 100k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC
Nitro-Gold™ 4140 Q&T 100k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC
Nitro-85 15V41 85k min psi <16 RA 64-71 HRC

Standard or N-100 can be furnished with the NitroBrite™ finishing process, providing lower minimum surface- smoothness standards. Lengths of all bars are generally 12 foot or 24 foot round bars. Special lengths quoted on request.

Quotes for other sizes and grades available on request, or we can process your material.


Arnold Johnson
Division Controller
Phone: (262) 947-0441 ext 5014


Jane Miller
Inside Sales
Phone: (262) 947-0441 ext 5012