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Canton, OH

Processes Offered Equipment Annual Capacities  (Tons)
Spheroidize Annealing Bell, batch and pusher furnaces 35,000
Atmosphere Normalize Mesh belt furnaces 38,000
Normalize / Subcritical Anneal Mesh belt and roller hearth furnaces 44,000
Isothermal Anneal Roller hearth furnace 26,000
Phos & Lube Coat Automated barrel line 48,000
Shot Blast Clean – Batch Tumble blast equipment 105,000
Saw cut Carbide cold cutting saws 20,000
Shear Erie and AMD shears 9,000
Testing Various

Swami Ramaswamy
General Manager
Phone: (330) 588-6000


Sreedhar Kaipa
Production Manager
Phone: (330) 588-6008

Jeremiah Ferguson

Jeremiah Ferguson
Quality Engineer
Phone: (330)-478-0314 x3117